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About usAYN HR Consultancy

AYN is a renowned HR consulting firm based in the UAE. We provide worldwide employees with reputedly functioning employers from their country as well as from the GCC region. Since our establishment, we have been supporting and consulting foreign companies and businesses to develop successful relationships.

We launched our office in Dubai with the motive of giving the finest services and building a trustworthy relationship with employers. We have more than 40 years of recruiting experience in India, as the International recruiting service which is licensed under the ministry of external affairs, India.

Why Choose Us

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide selfless services, making the world an easy place to work and affordable for companies to hire new people in whichever counrty they happen to live in. That means talented, hardworking, and deserved people can get their dream job in a standardized way while companies can get reasonalbe hiring without limiting themseleves to a particular place of employers.

Why Choose Us

The world is steadfast and the demand of indian employers is unstoppable. Therefore we provide you with experienced HR Consultants, to expand your business possiblities. We are living through the preoccupied 21st century. Skilled and trustworthy staffers can be hard to find bu not anymore with us. We ensure each servicing step carried out is towards flourishing hiring.

Our efficient team is eligible of understanding how HR and benefits department work. This helps us to take advantage of understanding your specific needs on the job description, your project, and your goals.